#CycloneFani musings

#CycloneFani in May created havoc in our lives,
Young and old…Rich and poor,
Fruit vendor or office goer,
Development Walla or Corporate pro,
Slum dweller and mansion resident alike!

Not a tree left standing,
Nor a branch for birds to perch,
Shiny n broad hoardings brought down,
Roads blocked with the city grappling in dark,
Egos came tumbling down.

A week gone by, normalcy still a dream,
Officials, response teams and volunteers doing their best,
Talk of the town is it’s green cover blown away by the summer storm,
Though we will regain the splendor…That’s what Odisha is known for!

Days are spent in endless wait,
Counting hours and recounting tales,
Children are most affected, missing TV cartoons,
Hoping that papa too could afford a generator at home,
Elderly and the ailing struggling through.

Cyclone and disaster is common though in Jagannath land,
Preparedness and evacuations lowered human casualties,
Shattering lives of millions though…
This enigma needs to be dealt by long term resilient action,
Rather than birds overview, political declarations or short term doles!

Evening hours spent under starlit sky,
Many a lost days brought back,
Forgotten games and stories recollected,
My kids making amends without a complaint though,
We mange with the basic few, relishing the occasional breeze,
Life teaches what we can do without!